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Chicago Tamales Illinois

Try the Chicago Tamales Illinois Residents Can’t Get Enough Of

Thinking about tamales? Well, you’re in luck because Supreme Tamale is the company to call when you have a hankering for those delectable yellow corn rolls. The Chicago Tamales Illinois residents rave about our products are loved for both their flavor and freshness. Whether you are a store owner looking to add a delicious new product to your shelf or simply a fan of Chicago-style food, Supreme Tamales can satisfy all your tamale needs. Call today to learn more!

Our Story

Many businesses have humble beginnings, and at Supreme Tamale, we’re no different. Originating from a Chicago factory in 1950, our tamales gained popularity when they hit the streets, and hot dog vendors began to sell them out of their carts. Now, 70 some years later, our products are more widely appreciated than ever. You can find them in several grocery stores and restaurants throughout the area. And thanks to the convenience of modern technology, we can also ship them to any city within the United States.

What Makes Our Tamales So Tasty?

If there’s one thing our tamales are, it’s tasty, but if you’ve never tried them before, you might be wondering just what it is that separates our product from the rest. The answer is simple: our careful attention to ingredients, spices and preparation is what makes our tamales stand out from others on the market.

  • The Ingredients – The secret to a tasty tamale lies in its ingredients. And at Supreme Tamale, we’ve made a conscious effort to use elements that enhance (rather than take away from) the overall taste. From the tender ground beef to the yellow cornmeal casing, everything that goes into our tamales is all-natural. So you can enjoy bite after bite of our delicious products without having to worry about unhealthy and harmful preservatives.
  • The Spices – Each of our Chicago Tamales is flavored with a delicate balance of garlic and seven other secret spices. The recipe for this special blend has been passed down through the family for generations. Meaning that the tamales we sell today taste just like the ones we created back when our business first began.
  • The Preparation – The last element that makes our Chicago Tamales so tasty is the preparation. We make all of our products in small batches so that we can have greater control over the quality. Moreover, each package is precooked and frozen to ensure ultimate freshness.

Get Some Tamales Today

Add some spice to your life with Supreme Tamale’s Chicago Tamales!  Visit our Shop page to order yours today. Or, call us at (847) 979-8480 to find out which restaurants and stores carry our products. We are based out of 1495 Brummel Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, and are available to respond to questions 7 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday.